Mr Whippy will provide a bespoke service for our customers Nationwide.

We also invite companies to add their name to our vans posters to help promote their event.

Mr Whippy can even help you with any signs and printing if needed, also our driver’s can dress to suit the theme of the event to gain people’s attention and capture their imagination.

Events Where We Serve

Corporate Options

For corporate event hire we offer a variety of solutions. From complete end to end service, including setup, menu creation, all day service and after event clear up, to block booking of one of our vans. We also facilitate fixed rate scenarios where we provide free Ice Cream to all your customers and charge a flat rate fee. We have a wealth of satisfied customers.

If you are looking to market your product and brand through direct distribution why not let us do the hard work for you? Throughout the year we attend various shows, music venues, and many other events across the UK where we serve literally hundreds of thousands of consumers on a weekly basis this is a huge opportunity for your business to reach out to a host of potential new customers who can then sample your goods directly.



Mr Whippy Ice Cream can make your day one to be talked about for months…

A Mr Whippy Ice Cream van hire is always a huge hit. We often keep ourselves hidden from the guests until the opportune moment, then we switch on the chimes and roll into site, ribbons and bows attached with gleaming alloy wheels and a bespoke menu to celebrate the newly weds.

We also work with any photographers to help catch those one-off shots of the bride and groom. They are invited into the van to pose for pictures pulling ice cream and as the ice cream vans have twin front seats, we let the bride and groom ‘mock’ driving the van away as if they were leaving for their honey moon.

Plus as an optional extra, we can also add alcoholic slush puppies to the wedding menu. You supply the spirits on arrival and we make the magic happen. Trust us, wedding guests go mad for alcoholic slush puppies!

If you want to go for a full ‘bells and whistles’ trip we will even change the  name on the van to the bride and grooms names – as if they own the  ice cream company! We’ll also travel to local parks on request for more pictures. So, if you want a wedding with a difference, call us.

Primary School’s / High School’s / College’s / University’s

From school fetes or fun days through to providing the whole College or University with Mr Whippy Ice Cream on campus, Mr Whippy offer ice cream van(s) for hire to suit all your requirements.

As an experienced company established nationwide, our reputation is everything and we work hard to make sure each and every customer is delighted with our service. As such, we offer bespoke packages tailored to your individual needs.
No matter how many vans you need, or what type of event you are organising, you can count on Mr Whippy to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Head over to our Get a Quote Page to discuss your details today.

University Ice Cream Van Hire

From Student Unions hiring us to promote special occasions, sports tournaments and much more to the actual University themself to provide free Mr Whippy Ice Cream for open days or event a Staff treat, we can provide the very best service and our famous Mr Whippy Ice Cream. We work alongside many schools, colleges and uni’s and you can be assured with our highly trained staff that we also do a mandatory DBS check so you can be assured you know who you are working with.

Greater Manchester, Cardiff, Salford, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool University just name some are ones we work with year in year out because of our service and highly maintained vans.

Primary & High Schools

With Ofsted inspections be ever harder to impress when the Staff and pupils have gone that extra mile to help get the grade they need then surely it’s treat time!

What better way to hire one of our Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans to park in the playground and serve everyone in the school to one of our tasty Ice Creams, the efficiency of our staff means that we can serve 500+ ice creams with ease and not disturb there learning time.

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