About Us

Mr Whippy Hire

Mr Whippy started out in 1995 where we began selling our excellent ice cream. Since our early beginnings we have grown to become a favourite family run Ice Cream Van business. We have a fleet of modern vans which are stocked with excellent products that are always ready to travel wherever necessary.

Our service provides our famous soft serve ice cream van hire for any occasion. Mr Whippy attend events such as Corporate Events, Carnivals & Asian Melas, Horse shows, Charity events,  County Fetes, School Fetes, Sports tournaments days, Music festivals & concerts, Birthday Parties, Car shows, Weddings, Dog Shows, Office Parties, Major Sporting Events, Motorbike Shows, Television and media appearances, BBQs, Galas, Community Fests, Parties in Parks, Village Fayre, Team Building Days, Markets and Fun Fairs.

For Your Peace Of Mind:

We are fully licensed and registered with the local council to work with schools, event organisers and football clubs. We always deliver a premium experience which satisfies our ice cream loving customers. It would be an honour to provide ice cream service for your next event. Contact us for an unforgettable service and any other enquires you may have. Our Ice Cream Vans are fully insured and covered for public liability. The company is happy to supply any documentation which you may require to meet with local authorities such as health & safety criteria and insurance policies upon request. All our ice cream vans are cleaned daily to ensure they meet our own stringent hygiene standards. All our staff are certified in food hygiene level 2 and are trained in health & safety.

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