Primary School & High School

Primary School’s / High School’s

As an experienced company established nationwide, our reputation is everything and we work hard to make sure each and every customer is delighted with our service. As such, we offer bespoke packages tailored to your individual needs.
No matter how many vans you need, or what type of event you are organising, you can count on Mr Whippy to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

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Primary & High Schools

With Ofsted inspections be ever harder to impress when the Staff and pupils have gone that extra mile to help get the grade they need then surely it’s treat time!

What better way to hire one of our Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans to park in the playground and serve everyone in the school to one of our tasty Ice Creams, the efficiency of our staff means that we can serve 500+ ice creams with ease and not disturb there learning time.

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