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Tips for choosing fresh food in the supermarket

By grasping the freshness of food tips, you can easily select the right food when buying in a supermarket or grocery store.
Page Brightside pointed out some tips to recognize the quality of food through their external signs, in order to help the consumer can choose food wisely and at most lose money unfairly.
Bread : Press lightly on the bread surface, if they return to their original shape, this bread is new. On the contrary, after pressing on the cake surface, the indentation is still long on the surface, which is a sign that the cake has been baked at the wrong temperature or it has been frozen before.
In addition, some bakers said that the new bread would be very fresh, soft, fluffy, not dry and appear green moldy or avoid like broken bread, leave for days.
Watermelon: To choose a good watermelon, look at their stems. If the melon has a dry stem, brown color means that the melon is ripe.
Choose watermelons with round and smooth, especially the black stripes (on the body of the melon) clearly show. In addition, when you press lightly on the shell to see that it is strong, not mushy, and when you tap on the melon, you hear the “beep, boom”, this shows that you have chosen a good watermelon.
Bananas: Choose unripe, unripe bananas, which are both ripe and green, with dark spots or dark pink. Do not choose the fruits ripe evenly, dark yellow skin.
In addition, naturally ripe bananas will ripen from the stalk to the fruit stem. If the stem is green but the fruit is ripe, the banana may have been submerged. Brightside also noted that consumers should not buy bananas that are split into fruits, unless you intend to eat them right away because bananas are in clumps that will last longer.
Tomatoes : Clean, naturally ripe tomatoes will fall off the tree and are usually of uniform red color, the skin of the fruit is plump, with speckled emulsion. On the contrary, if it is still green or clinging to branches, it is clear that the tomatoes have been removed before they are ripe and have to be pressed. These tomatoes have very few vitamins and helpful ingredients. Also, choose tomatoes that you feel soft but are elastic to the touch.
Bell peppers: These peppers are good to hold, heavy-handed, green and firm. The buyer should not choose fruits with orange spots because these are insects attacked.
Besides, Brightside said bell peppers have two types: male and female. Depending on the needs of use that choose accordingly. Female bell peppers taste much sweeter and eat very well. Male bell peppers are sour and firm, suitable for cooking.
To identify male and female bell peppers just look at the tail. If the fruit is divided into four slots, the fruit is short and broad, and the female is a bell pepper.
Poultry (chicken): With ready-made chickens, beyond the expiry date, we need to pay attention to cuts that must be normal, bright, dry. A good chicken has a meat that looks fresh, the meat doesn’t smell, there’s no bruises or hematoma on the skin. Want to buy good chicken, you should not choose dark chicken because it is dead chicken before making.
Press down on the chicken, chicken breast or thigh, if the meat is firm chicken is delicious, but if the meat is slippery, slippery, deformed, concave with lots of water, it proves that the chicken was injected with liquid water sometimes mixed. borax. For the chicken we should choose the chicken with pale yellow skin, thin, smooth, high elasticity and only dark gold in some places such as the breast, wings, back.
Fish: First, you should look at the ankles. Fresh fish will have sparkling eyes, clear, clearly see the inner pupil, whereas fresh fish often have opaque eye color, opaque, not clearly see the inside.
Besides, fresh fish will have a bright red gill, if you see the gills are dark red, even dark brown, you should leave them at the supermarket.
In addition, buyers can gently press the fish meat, especially near the abdomen. Fresh fish will give firm meat, good elasticity, while soft flesh spoiled sometimes soft, pressing on the skin of the fish will sink a non-elastic hole.
Canned foods : In addition to viewing the shelf life, you also need to pay attention to the condition of the can. If the shell is dented, rusty or the lid is bulging, this is a sign that the food inside is not intact.


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